Is iPad Jailbreaking Worth It?

There are many misconceptions and falsities surrounding iPad’s and jailbreaking.

What you need to remember that the iPad – for all its virtues – is just like a big iPhone and because it uses the Apple iOS then it can be jailbroken like any other Apple device out there. Even still, there are many people out there who are unsure if they can jailbreak their iPad in the first place and they are also unsure if it is even worth it in the end.

In this post we are going to put together 3 reasons why you SHOULD jailbreak your iPad.

Alternative Apps

When you jailbreak the iPad you get access to a wide variety of different features and functions and one of these is being able to access different apps not found on the Apple app store. This is accomplished by going through what is known as the Cydia App Store. This alternative app store has literally thousands apps that you can’t get on the regular store so it is well worth it for this feature alone.

Many of the apps are free and they are actually free alternatives to the normal paid apps on the Apple store. Not content with just being able to access these apps, Cydia allows you to save money on them as well.

You Can Customize Your iPad

The average Apple iPad user has no idea how much power is at their fingertips.

With a simple iPad 2 jailbreak then you can unleash all this power at once. For example you can change the whole way in which the iPad looks and feels when you use it and make many customization’s that are not possible by using the normal device. This includes placing apps wherever you want on the home screen, have custom sounds and allow your iPad to do many different functions that it normally couldn’t.

The iPad itself – as a default device – is great and is definitely one of the better tablets on the market at the minute however with jailbreaking it can be even better.

Jailbreaking Is Easy

Some people think that jailbreaking is really difficult and risky however it is anything but. The fact is that you can jailbreak your iPad 2 very easily by using one of the services online.

There is almost no risk attached to it and it can be completed in a very short space of time. So, is jailbreaking the iPad 2 really worth it?

The answer is most definitely yes. You would be hard pressed to find someone who has a jailbroken iPad 2 and will say that it isn’t worth doing. The fact is that just about everyone who experiences a jailbreak considers it a roaring success. You really can drastically improve your device by jailbreaking the iPad 2 and it is not anywhere near as difficult as many people think it is. Indeed, iPad 2 users from all walks of life are jailbreaking their device and this goes to show just how simple, straightforward cheap and most of all effective it is.

Top 14 Tweaks for the iPad jailbreak

indexSince its inception, the iPad has continued to grow in capability as Apple adds in more and more engineering and technology. Unfortunately, they still do not give us what we want and that is the option to customize and modify, as we want to.

The only way to do that is to jailbreak iPad. But that’s just the first step. The next is to go into Cydia and then choose the right tweaks to customize your iPad. We have a roundup of 14 of the very best iPad tweaks for you to download and enjoy

1. WinterBoard

WinterBoard is the top tweak for anyone who wants to change the theme of their iPad. It provides a number of different themes and is also the backbone of many other those tweakson Cydia. Best of all it is also free when you jailbreak iPad.

2. iFile

iFile is one the few ways that you can explore your iPad file system. You can view and transfer files in a variety of different formats using the built in image viewer and it has a video and audio player, which also supports most formats.

3. Sara

Sara is Siri’s opposite number. She works on those devices that do not support Siri including the earlier iPad models. In fact, Sara is more functional than Siri on many fronts. You need to add a repo into Cydia manually – Open Cydia and tap on Manage>Sources>Edit>Add and type in this URL – From there you can download and install Sara.

4. Protube HD

Protube HD is a pretty impressive tweak, much better than the stock YouTube app. While it has all the usual YouTube features in it is also has video downloads in HD and SD, MP3 downloads. Simultaneous download and stream and much more besides. It also has support for AirPlay.

5. RecognizeMe 2.0

This one is a biometric facial recognition app designed to use your front camera as a security solution. It is very accurate, and is much faster than it used to be, giving your iPad a measure of security that Apple doesn’t give you.

6. IntelliScreenX

One of the more popular jailbreak tweaks for the iPad jailbreak, IntelliScreenX brings life to your lock screen. You can see your notifications, add widgets and have up to date weather available at a glance and it also contains a couple of themes.

7. AirBlue Sharing

AirBlue Sharing allows Bluetooth transfer of virtually any file format or type, such as images, music, videos, Notes or voice memos. You can share files between all platforms as long as they have Bluetooth, including Android and Windows Phone.

8. MyWi

If you have multiple devices and are being charged a small fortune by your carrier for tethering, jailbreak iPad and download MyWi. You will be able to turn your iPad into a hotspot and other devices can then use it to access the internet.

9. Nitrous

Have you ever wondered why stock apps such as iBooks and Safari are so fast? It’s because Apple uses the Nitro JavaScript Engine but does not allow any third party apps to use it. The iPad jailbreak changes that with a tweak called Nitrous.  Nitrous allows other heavy apps to make use of the JavaScript engine, thus speeding them up and increasing responsiveness as well.

10. RetinaPad

Up until just recently, there were not many Cydia tweaks specific to the iPad jailbreak. Although that is changing, there are still a lot of really good ones that are only optimized fully for the iPhone. RetinaPad enables iPad users to play and use iPhone and retina apps without any screen pixilation or loss of resolution.

11. Activator

Activator is one of the top tweaks of all time for the iPad jailbreak. It allows you set up gestures and shortcuts using the physical buttons or a combination of taps, swipes and shakes. You can set up shortcuts to open specific apps, pull up your system toggles, and even respring the iPad. The possibilities really are endless with this one.

12. Veency

Veency is a neat iPad jailbreak tweak that allows you to use your computer and Wi-Fi connection to control your iPad, provided they share the same Wi-Fi. You can access and reply to your notifications, messages, choose your music, change the volume and so much more from your computer or Mac.

13. Auxo

Auxo brings the app switcher to life by providing card style app preview, increased multitasking features and the ability to shut down multiple apps at the same time.

14. Springtomize 3

Springtomize is an amalgamation of a number of tweaks and is perfect for the first time you jailbreak iPad. It is the complete customization solution allowing for loads of modification options all in one place.


Customize your Home Screen With the iPad Jailbreak – Part 2

2m6x579.jpgThis week, in the second part of our miniseries on using the iPad jailbreak to customize your iPad home screen.

Using Jailbreak Apps to Add More Function

When you jailbreak iPad you can use a number of different ways to change the look of your home screen. However, there is more to customization than looks alone. Once you have things looking good, it is time to turn your attention to the deeper details.

There are bound to be things that irritate you and some things can be changed or removed altogether with the iPad jailbreak. Let’s start with this one:


Springtomize is the ultimate iPad jailbreak tweak. Instead of offering one or two different options, this tweak takes on the features of several different tweaks, making it the perfect one for newbies to the jailbreak scene. Here’s some of what Springtomize can do:

• Change the home and lock screen animations
• Add extra app icons to the dock
• Change the lock screen in a number of ways
• Hide labels, badges, even stock apps that you don’t need
• Change your carrier name in the status bar, add in other info to the lock screen
• Change font, font color and size

And much more besides.


GridLock is an excellent iPad jailbreak app for rearranging your icons. Apple sets out how your icons are, what order they are in. If you add new ones, they automatically go to the next space available, which can be a pain if your most commonly used apps are on page 3 of your home screen!

GridLock lets you change the order of your app icons, putting them in the order you want them in.


Iconoclasm goes a bit further and allows you to set your icons into one of a number of preloaded patterns. You can also make your own pattern or download other ones from Cydia.

Changing the Font

Not everyone is happy with the stock iOS font but, with the iPad jailbreak, you can download a tweak called Bytafont and change it.
There are loads of fonts included in the app or you can download others in Cydia – there are hundreds of them. Once you have installed a new font, you can enable it through the settings in Bytafont and then respring to make the change.

One other neat feature is that you can change the font in selected parts of the iOS only – you don’t have to change it across the board.

Add Widgets

Android users get to add widgets to their phones, iOS users don’t. Jailbreak iPad and change that forever. Download an app called DashBoardX and add in Notification Center widgets in the home screen. This means you can add the weather, music, NCSettings and even more besides right where you want them for quick access.

Make Good Use of Cydia

Cydia is full of useful apps and tweaks for the iPad jailbreak. There are the biggies that are fairly genera but, if you take the time to look, you can find a few smaller ones that are extremely useful:

• Peekly lets you hide the calendar and weather drawers
• SubtleLock gives you a less obtrusive lock screen clock
• Pages+ lets you put a different wallpaper on each page of your home screen
• Auxo is a popular one for giving the app switcher new features
• Infiniapps lets you scroll through the apps on your home screen without changing pages

There are loads more besides; these are just a few of the more popular ones.

The Cost of The iPad Jailbreak Customization

Of course, all these apps and tweaks are going to take effect on your battery life and how smooth your iPhone runs afterwards. How much depends entirely on you and which device you have.
The newer iPhones are more able to cope because of the upgraded hardware. If you insist on downloading hundreds of different tweaks or those that are not compatible with each other then you will experience problems.

Do not be afraid to experiment with the iPad jailbreak but do be aware of what you are doing. Install your chosen tweaks one at a time and make notes on how it affects your iPhone. That way you may be able to easily pinpoint any problems and remove the offending apps.
The iPad jailbreak is a great way to express yourself and make your iPad unique to you. Be sensible with it and you will have years of fun; o overboard and suffer the problems that follow.

How to Customize Your Springboard When You jailbreak iPad – Part 1

modfire2While the iPad already has a very nice looking springboard, it could be made to look so much nicer. Unfortunately, Apple does not want you to have too much control over your iPad and certainly won’t let you do too much in the way of looks.

So, what do you do? You jailbreak iPad of course. There are so many options to customize your iPad springboard with the jailbreak that you might have trouble knowing where to start. So, to help you out, over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be showing you how to do it.

Every time a new iPad jailbreak is released, things change just a little bit. Things evolve with the way the iOS changes and with each new piece of hardware that Apple releases. The basics are still the same though and you will need two things to do any of what we are going to talk about – the iPad jailbreak and WinterBoard, a free Cydia app.

Theme your Lock Screen and change Your Icons

WinterBoard is a must have for anyone who is going to theme their iPad. It is a management system for all the other tweaks that can be found in Cydia that provide themes.
Now, the best thing to do here is to have a wonder through the internet and look for ideas – you are looking for WinterBoard themes and ideas that other people have come up with. If you see something you like make a note of the name of the theme/s used.

Go into Cydia and search for the theme. You might have to add a new repository to get it:

• Open Cydia
• Tap on Manage
• Tap on Sources
• Tap on Edit
• Tap on Add
• Type the URL*
• Tap on Add Source
• Let Cydia install the new repository, after which you can get your theme.

*Every repository has a URL that goes with it – just type the name of the theme into a search engine followed by the word URL and it should come up.

You should already have downloaded WinterBoard but, if you haven’t and a theme requires it, it will be automatically downloaded.

The iPad jailbreak opens up a whole new word of possibilities with theming being just one of them. However, it is easily the most popular reason why the majority of people jailbreak iPad.

Open up WinterBoard from your home screen or springboard. Look for the theme you installed and tap a checkmark next to it to select it. Some themes are split into sections, which means you can use a number of different ones to theme different parts of the iPad.

When you have made your selections, tap on Respring and your iPad should now be showing the elements of theme that you chose.

Some of the lock screen themes will not work unless you install another iPad jailbreak tweak. You will see any instructions like this in the theme description and you can install the tweaks at the same time.

One of the best things about WinterBoard is that the themes are dead easy to customize. You just need to get into that /theme file in your file system. You cannot do that without using another tweak such as iFile or iFunBox.

One you have these you can access the library on your file system and find the themes file. Things you can change include the wallpaper – if you do not like the one you’ve got, go into themes in the library and replace the existing one with one of your own.

You can do the same with the icons, change the lock screen slider, and even edit the background on the lock screen. Change fonts, text size and move things around – all of this is possible when you jailbreak iPad. Once you have made all your changes in the .themes folder, simply drag it on to your iPad and reselect it in WinterBoard.

Dreamboard will offer a deeper choice of changes to the lock and home screens. It is similar in many ways to WinterBoard but it is specifically designed to theme your home screen in ways that WinterBoard cannot handle.

However, it is slightly more unstable and doesn’t handle mix and match as well as WinterBoard does.

Join us next week for part two of our series on how to theme your iPad after jailbreaking.


How to Fix Common iPad Jailbreak Issues

GreenPois0n-5.1-jailbreak-ipad-2There is absolutely no question about it, the iPad jailbreak adds so much functionality and so many features that you just have to do it. However, unfortunately, as each jailbreak digs deeper and deeper into the iOS, it is inevitable that we will get more problems.

Today we are going to look at three issues that may arise when you install the iPad jailbreak

The iPad jailbreak has failed or the utility crashed and shut down.

• The first step here, before you jailbreak iPad, is to make sure you have no passcode set on your iPad. Jailbreak utilities do not interact very well with passcodes and have been known to shut down. It is easy enough to enable it again afterwards.

• Make sure the iPad jailbreak utility actually supports your model of iPad and the operating system you are using

• Unplug your iPad and then plus it back in. If you can, use a different USB cable or a different port on your PC

• Make sure that the firmware your iPad is running is compatible with the iPad jailbreak

• Remove the jailbreak utility from your PC and reinstall it – try the iPad jailbreak again

• Try installing the iPad jailbreak from another computer. If you have no problems, then the issue is with your PC.

• Try running the iPad jailbreak utility as an Administrator if you are using Windows – right-click the icon and select Run as Administrator

• Reset all the settings on your iPad – Tap on Settings>General>Reset>Reset all Settings

• If the jailbreak does not work on a different PC, it could be an issue with your iPad itself. Take a backup of all your data through iTunes and then restore it back to factory – only do this if the firmware you are restoring to is compatible with the iPad jailbreak. If it isn’t, try tapping on Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings

The Jailbreak seems to have worked but I get an error and Cydia will not install

• This used to be a common issue with older iPad jailbreaks, not so much these days. If you cannot find Cydia, go into Settings>General>Network and enable VPN. Ignore the password field and continue. You should see an error message on your iPad and it will reboot, and Cydia should be there now.

• If you do not get the error message and your iPad does not reboot, rest your network settings. Go into Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. Try the above step again

• If nothing works, carry out a clean factory restore and reinstall the iPad jailbreak

The iPad Jailbreak worked and I have Cydia but all I get is errors

There are a couple of common errors associated with Cydia:

• Server Name: Connection Refused – Whichever server is named is down. There is nothing you can do, just keep on trying.

• Cannot locate libactivator package – You might have to fix this one manually and it normally occurs when you are having trouble downloading anything from Cydia. It is easy enough to sort out – come out of Cydia and open Settings>General>Reset>Reset Networking Settings. That should fix this issue with the iPad jailbreak

These are some of the more common issues you may come across when you jailbreak iPad. Most things can be solved fairy easily, if by nothing else a restore normally does the trick.
Don’t let things like this put you off installing the iPad jailbreak – errors are not all that common and most people successfully jailbreak without any issues at all.



Why People Continue to Jailbreak iPad

jailbreak-iPad-2-released1There are still many people who believe that jailbreaking is illegal and dodgy, to say the least. Jailbreaking was ruled legal by the US government in 2010 and that ruling has not been lifted to date.  It really is only Apple that continues to fight against it, stating that they will void your warranty if they determine that your have installed an iPad jailbreak.

If this is the case, why do people continue to jailbreak iPad? There are several reasons for this and we are going to discuss them here.

It is a Necessary Evil

Of course, not everyone will agree with that statement but, for those who have been jailbreaking since day one, it is something they cannot get enough of. It is necessary to jailbreak iPad to make it into a device that is worth using, to give it features and functions that Apple denies you access to.

Even if you install an iPad jailbreak just to see what it is like, the chances of you never doing it again are slim. Jailbreaking is addicting, there is no two ways about it.  Once you get the taste of all those juicy themes, and tweaks that make your iPad more functional, you will not want to go back to an iPad that has not been jailbroken.

There is a certain section of iOS users that said iOS 7 would be the firmware to kill off jailbreaking. It is clear that is not the case although it has to be said that, as each new firmware comes out, some will see less need for jailbreaking.

Apple steals ideas from jailbreakers. Virtually all of the new features you see in the iOS come from Cydia tweaks, from those developed for the iPad jailbreak. That does not make it unnecessary to jailbreak though; those features just give developers more to work with, to bring us bigger and better iPad jailbreak tweaks.

Jailbreak for Work and for Play

There are still those who jailbreak iPad purely because they think they are getting one over on Apple. While that may be true, there are other reasons. Look at the features you are gaining. Look at how much more useful your iPad is after it has been jailbroken.

Look at all the apps and tweaks in Cydia, things you will never find in iTunes, not in a million years.  Without exception, these apps and tweaks are what gives the iPad real meaning, what gives the iPad features that Apple will not give you.

There are apps that are useful for those who use their iPad for work and there are those that allow playtime. There are iPad jailbreak apps for video streaming, for games, for changing the theme on your iPad.

There are those that allow tethering and there are even iPad jailbreak apps that let you use Wi-Fi only features on a 3G network.

Is the iPad jailbreak for everyone?

If you want to jailbreak iPad then, yes, If not, well, that is your choice.  Many iPad owners continue to jailbreak simply because they want to be different. Some jailbreak because they need features and functions that only an iPad jailbreak can give them.

Others jailbreak iPad because they can.


5 Interesting iOS 7 Apps for the Jailbroken iPad

jbipadThere are so many apps available in the Cydia store that it is tough trying to pick out the best ones to use. We have done a little bit of homework and found some that are ideal for the iPad jailbreak. These are quite interesting apps, some that you may not have come across before so, without further ado, let’s take a look:

LandscapeCalc – Free – BigBoss Repo

Do you find that you use your calculator a lot?  Isn’t it irritating to have to keep flicking back and forth between normal and scientific mode? If this is how you feel, you should definitely jailbreak iPad and download this app.

LandscapeCalc locks the calculator into scientific mode so you do not have to keep switching back and forth, based on the orientation of the iPad. So, even if you turn the iPad around, it will stay put.

Message Swiper – Free – BigBoss

Message Swiper is one of the coolest iPad jailbreak apps in Cydia, especially if you make good use of the messages app.  Instead of having to keep going in and out of your inbox to change messages, Message Swiper allows you to go through them with a swipe gesture – pretty much the same as you do with your photos in the Camera roll.

Live Battery Indicator – Free

Fancy changing the battery indicator on your iPad? Install the iPad jailbreak and download Live Battery Indicator.  It is not a particularly useful app but it does look pretty cool to have a different battery indicator.

You cannot get this on any of the default repos in Cydia so you need to add in a new one first. If you have not yet done this on your iPad, it is a pretty easy procedure:

  • Open Cydia
  • Tap on Manage
  • Tap on Sources
  • Tap on  Edit
  • Tap on Add
  • Type in this URL –
  • Tap on Add Source
  • Let Cydia install the new repository and then you can search for and install Live battery Indicator on your jailbroken iPad.

Bannersize – Free – BigBoss Repo

Bannersize is an excellent app for the iPad jailbreak and is very useful.  It allows you to change the size of the notification banner. You can change the width or the height and even change where it appears. This is useful for those who find the banner takes up too much space. And, one other cool addition – make your iPad speak the notification to you!


There are loads of iPad jailbreak apps for the rear camera including a number of HDR ones. Unfortunately, on an iPad that has not been jailbroken, there is no capacity for HDR. This jailbreak app makes it possible for your FaceTime camera to capture images in HDR and you can store them in the same way as you store other images, on your Camera roll. It is a simple jailbreak app, with no configuration required.

There you have it, 5 of the more unusual iPad jailbreak apps in Cydia at the moment.  We are constantly checking for new apps and other interesting information that surfaces for when you jailbreak iPad so keep us in your favorites and stay up to date.